Lund Pearson McLaughlin, founded in 1978, is an independently owned California Corporation licensed by the
California State Fire Marshal and the California Contractors State License Board to inspect and test water-based fire
protection systems of all classes.

Our founders are retired professional Fire Chiefs with a long history of fire prevention involvement in California. They
were, and are, instrumental in assisting the California State Fire Marshal, in cooperation with the California Fire Chiefs
Association, Fire Prevention Officers Section, in developing the testing and maintenance legislation and associated
regulations that are the law in California today.

We consider ourselves your representative in this field. We believe that your existing system can be maintained
operational and code-compliant at a reasonable expense.  We inspect and test according to the law in California.
SFM Lic #A0003
C-16 Lic #668524
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Lund Pearson McLaughlin Fire Protection Systems
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Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Repair of Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems
Fire Pumps & Hydrants
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Since 1978
 Lund Pearson McLaughlin Fire Protection Systems
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